New On Tango: Simpler Photo Sharing, Animated Stickers and more
July 19, 2016
New on Tango: Photo Booth
September 30, 2016

New on Tango: Masks and Avatars

Just a few weeks ago, we announced some cool new features of our core Tango messaging app, including simple-to-use photo sharing and animated stickers for video calls. We also promised that there were more fun upgrades in the works – and today we’d like to tell you about a couple of newly launched features we think you’ll love.

Live Action Masks

Our new masks feature in video calls allows you to channel your inner lucha libre – or glam it up with some digital face painting. When you choose to use one of our growing collections of live action masks on a video call, your face on screen is digitally enhanced with whatever theme you’ve picked. As you move, the mask moves with you. It’s a cool piece of programming – and a great way to have more fun on video calls with your friends and family. Tango is the first messaging app which enables to live action mask feature on a video call!


Sometimes it isn’t enough to put a mask on your face. Instead, you need a more complete disguise –a digital avatar. With the latest Tango update, you can appear on video calls as an avatar. Instead of seeing you on screen, you can appear as a talking birthday cake. Or a cute bunny. Or any of more than 30 other creatures and objects, all of which move around the screen as you move in real life, talking when you talk. Like masks, the avatars bring a new level of fun and interactivity to your video calls with friends and family.

And that’s not all

The latest edition of Tango – now available to both iOS and Android users – also now pops up the photos on anniversaries of important moments in past years, allowing you to relive memorable trips, parties and other events. We’re also continuing to improve the video and audio call quality, to make your communications faster and more reliable.

There are more upgrades coming. Stay tuned. And thanks for using Tango.

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