Gary Chevsky


As the President, Gary heads up all day-to-day running of the Tango Messenger business, technology, and product development to deliver a seamless experience for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Previously at Tango, Gary was Chief Development Officer in charge of Product, User Experience, and Engineering. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of Engineering.

Gary brings more than 25 years of experience to Tango, previously acting as Vice President of Product Development and Operations at YouSendIt (now Hightail), the leader in secure digital file delivery on the Web and Mobile. In that role, he was critical to the success of the organization, tripling the size of the engineering team and re-launching an entire new platform and new services for more than 30 million consumers and enterprise customers. Prior to working at YouSendIt, Gary served as Vice President of Engineering for Norton at Symantec Corporation. He was also a founding member and chief architect of Ask Jeeves, Inc., now known as
Gary holds 4 patents in the area of natural language processing and search/information retrieval. Born in the former Soviet Union, Chevsky received his higher education in the Bay Area, attending the University of California at Berkeley, where he majored in computer science.

Gary’s favorite Tango moment… “My favorite Tango moment was when my wife’s sister was visiting us and accidentally hit my 2-month old son’s head on the corner of a wood table. Gave him a bloody scratch and he was crying. My wife freaked out, and thought we had to run to emergency. Instead I Tangoed my neighbor Enoch who is an urgent care doctor. He was somewhere camping in the woods, but I was able to reach him via Tango, and showed him the baby and the scratch and had my wife ask him questions and we were able to determine that the baby was alright, and everyone soon calmed down.

Tango saved us from near heart-attack!”