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February 12, 2016
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July 19, 2016

Free International Calls Through Tango Out

No more international calling cards or worrying about expensive service charges to call home!

We recently launched Tango Out, the feature that allows Tango users to call any mobile and land line number around the world without using their cellphone minutes!

Tango Out is a new feature that is providing free domestic and international calls to the US, Canada, Mexico and India using your own phone number and we offer super low rates for other countries in the world. No special number is required to remember. When you send a call through Tango Out, the recipient will see your actual phone number so your friends and family will know you called.

Calling someone using Tango Out is simple! Just open the app, tap on the call tab, and you can enter a number to call starting with the country code. You can also use your contacts list to call someone as well. To see additional information of rates, tap on the Tango Out Credits in the dialpad icon and you will be directed to the page that will show you the rates for each country. Your first 100 minutes to the US, Canada and India are free!

We are excited to provide our users another way to stay close the people you care about, even if they don’t have Tango yet!

Download the latest version of Tango: Download Here

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