A Musician from Russia & Participant on the Voice, Meet Danil Guranov:

Hello everyone, I am Danil Guranov and I’m from Russia.

What can you tell us about yourself?

My whole life is about music. I write my own songs, I have 2 cover bands and my own vocal school. I participated in Season 6 of the show The Voice.

How did you get to Tango?

I was told about Tango by a friend, Leyla Kursanova, who is also a successful streamer on Tango. I want to thank her for introducing me to this incredible opportunity!

Before I discovered Tango I streamed on Instagram, but my audience was only from Russia and I always wanted to reach others. Now with Tango, the whole world can get to know me as I can communicate with my fans and friends.

On Tango I get to do what I love, singing and sharing my energy with my audience and in return I get even more. Tango gives me the opportunity to watch my favorite streamers and live-stream together with people from around the world.

Who is your favorite streamer on Tango?

My favorite Tango streamer is Piano Man. I like him because his stream sound is perfect. As a musician I strive for good sound quality.

What tips can you give to new streamers on Tango?

My advice for new live streamers is to always be yourself. The viewer can feel if you are not. People love you the way you are, so just be yourself and enjoy!

What do you wish for the coming year?

Now I am working on my own music and I’m excited to share my creative content on Tango in the near future.

Thank you so much and see you in my stream!

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