Chasing Deer- April's Streamer Spotlight!

April's Streamer Spotlight is the talented musician Rob, also known as Chasing Deer!

Robb has become a valuable Tango Artist in a matter of weeks, giving us a glimpse of live shows from the cold streets in the UK! - it almost makes us feel like we're there!

Robs First Time Live

"The first time I used Tango I was very excited to use something new and reach out to new fans around the world.

When I got my first gift, I was in shock - the sound and animation on the screen were surprising but made me very happy to be receiving congratulations. It was an Applause gift, which was very nice to hear after a year of silent live streams! I find Tango very easy to use for artists.

Inspiration !

It inspires me when I see other talented people around the world and have fun conversations with them. If you are ever in my streams, say hi and hang out! It's a great way to connect!" Follow Robb on Tango and don't miss his next stream!

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Nina Tanner

Social Media Manager