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February 13, 2015
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February 12, 2016

Back to Basics and Hello Fiesta

Uri and I launched Tango in 2009 with a simple mission: to make it easier for people to communicate with the ones they love anywhere around the world. We both had personal incentives at play: I have family and friends in France, my home country; Uri has deep roots in Israel.

Well, it’s worked out: The application we built – which includes voice, video and messaging communications – now has over 350 million registered users and counting.

Over time, we expanded the Tango app to include social networking features. We made it easy for people to chat, play games and make new friends. The additions to the platform provided a richer experience – but in many ways veered away from our core mission. While we added a group of new members, we also inadvertently changed the experience for some of our members who preferred a simpler, focused messaging experience.

In assessing that problem, our team devised a bold solution: we’re splitting the app in two.

  • The flagship Tango app will take us back to our roots, refocusing on mobile messaging. Our goal: to make it even easier to message with close friends and family via, voice, video and text.

  • The social networking features are migrating into Fiesta, a new app that launches today on Android devices, with an iOS version soon to follow. Fiesta will include all of the social networking features from Tango – including news, games, chat and discovery. We’re making the transition in stages. Starting today, we’re moving Rooms, our chat room feature, out of Tango and into Fiesta. Other social features will be on both apps for a little while, but will eventually shift to Fiesta as well.

We think the split will improve the experience for all of our members.

  • The messaging experience will be cleaner and simpler.

  • Social networking will shift from a secondary application to the focus of the new app, with more features to come.

  • For advertisers and game developers, the split will eventually allow more targeted reach – and two growing audiences.

For Tango members focused on social networking experiences, the shift to Fiesta will be graceful and seamless. Our engineering team has made it simple: members will just have to launch the new app to find all of their content, messages and personal data preserved.

To set the stage for the split, we’ve already provided updates to the Tango app to both iOS and Android users which offers our most significant redesign so far and a simplified experience. The Fiesta app can be downloaded now from the Google Play store, and will soon be available from Apple’s App Store.

At Tango, the team is thrilled. We love the refocused version of our flagship app, we can’t wait to build on the potential of Fiesta, and we’re excited about the future of the company, as we build new experiences for both messaging and social networking.

See you soon on Tango. And Fiesta. –Eric

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