Native Ads

Tango’s native ads blend seamlessly into the flow of updates Tango users see in their News Feed. These native ads offer a great opportunity to catch the user’s attention, which ultimately yields a higher CTR and conversion rate for your ad. Tango also features an ad carousel that invites the user to swipe to explore additional native ads.

Discover Ads

Reach Tango users when they are actively searching for new people and new entertainment. As the user explores profile cards, Discover Ads are interspersed for the user to view and swipe through. Discover Ads are Tango’s largest format ad, prominently displaying your ad creative and providing ample room for copy.

Chat Ads

The chat list is the most highly trafficked location in Tango. Chat Ads are interspersed in the list of current conversations, a highly visible yet non-intrusive placement. Chat ads are smaller in format, and feature an icon and short headline.

Video Ads

Create a more engaging experience with users through video ads.  Users can tap to expand the video ad or visit the advertiser’s page to explore more through the call-to-action button.  Views and engagements are usually higher than traditional static media.

Swyft Media leveraged stickers on Tango to drive extraordinary engagement for the Gotham television series on FOX. With imagery and characters from the show literally at their fingertips, users were able to weave the brand into their chat conversations, becoming brand advocates in the process. Tango has consistently displayed some of the highest send rates for Swyft sticker campaigns.

Grant Long
VP Product, Swyft Media


Minions Sticker Pack

Just one of a minion ways we
helped Universal Pictures promote
their latest movie.

Downloaded over 1 million times!

Tango Stickers are fun and highly expressive


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Gotham Sticker Pack

Cat got your tongue? Let these fine citizens of
Gotham do all the talking for you.

Downloaded over 1 million times!

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