About Tango

Tango is a leading mobile messaging service with more than 390 million registered members around the world. Evolved from its beginnings in 2009 as a cross platform video and voice call app, Tango today is established as the way to get connected during everyday life moments with close friends and family.

 The best part, Tango is giving members more fun and engaging ways of connecting with those they care about through playing in call games, sharing photos, lively animated in-call stickers, and a whole lot more!

The Tango Story


Tango was founded September 2009 when the company founders, Uri Raz and Eric Setton, both wanted to find a way an easier way to stay connected with their family and friends overseas.

Uri wanted to keep his family together, as they lived in different parts of the world, including a daughter who was away at college. Eric, being a new father, wanted to find a way for his family in France to stay connected to his newborn daughter. Their belief was that they shouldn’t have to give up the spontaneity of a face-to-face conversation even though someone was thousands of miles away.

The founders knew that chat, video and voice calling was the right direction, but they recognized it was essential to design their service to be┬ámobile first, and it would need to work across multiple mobile platforms around the world. It wasn’t going to be an easy problem to solve. Fortunately, they were both up to the challenge!

Uri and Eric developed the technologies that would allow Tango to scale to hundreds of millions of users with low infrastructure costs, while providing the highest-quality video that would work cross-platform over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks.

In September 2010, the Tango app was launched and in its first 10 days, more than one million people downloaded the app. Uri and Eric were thrilled bringing to market a mobile application that would make it possible for them to stay connected to their families far away.

Today, millions of people use Tango everyday to stay close to those they care about.

Management Team

1-1Eric Setton
Founder, CEO

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1-5Gary Chevsky

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1-2Norm Wong
VP of Finance

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Simon Ma
Vice President of Technical Operations

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