Tango Me, Inc. is a leading mobile video platform with more than 280 million users worldwide. Launched in 2009 as the first cross-platform voice and video-calling app, Tango has expanded into social networking and content distribution to create new and better ways for people to connect live in real-time.

In 2017, Tango launched Tango Live, an interactive video platform for live content and instant communication around the world. Since its launch, Tango has hosted millions of live video broadcasts and connected thousands around the world with the best-quality video, live masks and filters, games, music, and content. In the name of interactive television, Tango Live allows people to watch, create and monetize Live video in just one click

About Us:

Now you can connect with people through the world’s best quality video and discover thousands of new broadcasters live.

In today’s world, interactions are global. Building something that goes beyond the limitation of your average video calling and streaming apps, Tango ensures that users are able to broadcast their life like never before - meeting new people around the world and building instant and engaging interactions 24/7.