Better Distribution

We have over 250 Million members using Tango to connect, communicate, and play! Tango users are highly engaged, and many of our members play mobile games. We promote games through our internal marketing tools like Native Ads and Channels, and advertise games off-platform as well.

Improved Monetization

Games on the Tango platform have 2-3x LTV (Life Time Value) than that of the same games off platform. Tango also helps improve user values by driving engagement and retention, with ARPDAU’s (Average Revenue per Daily Active User) increasing 1.5-2x for games on the Tango Platform. Our in-house game experts can also help you improve monetization and other KPIs for your games.

Increased Virality and Engagement

Our Social SDK is the ultimate tool for making your games more viral and sticky. We provide a rich set of APIs and social features including leaderboards, Tango friend lists, gifting, game invites, and more. Check out the updated games SDK now.

Working With Tango

Developers...Apply for the new $25 million Tango Global Games Fund

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Developers...Apply for the new $25 million Tango Global Games Fund

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