We founded Tango to provide a better way to stay connected with family and friends through free video and voice calling and texting. Over the past year, we’ve introduced premium content like music and games, evolving the platform into one that sparks conversations and enables our members to easily connect, socialize, and – most of all – have fun.

Today, we’re introducing Tango Channels – the next evolution of our platform. Our goal with Channels is to partner with news and video sites, as well as exciting brands, and bring fun, entertaining and informative content into conversations you are having with your friends and family. Whether it’s the latest viral video or a new hit song, we’re making it easy for Tango members to find and share the content they love.

As part of today’s news, we’re also excited to announce our launch partners who have signed up to start a Channel on Tango:

We are thrilled to have so many great partners on board for our launch. Two music artists, Slash and OK Go, will also launch a presence on Channels; as a result, Tango members will be among the first to hear their upcoming song releases.

This is just the start - as more partners join the platform and more users begin to discover and share the terrific content!

Tango members will be able to easily browse channels, discover content including videos, photos, music, and text posts from favorite brands or content publishers. Members can follow a channel and recommend it to their friends, and also share their favorite stories or videos in a chat with friends.

To learn more about Tango Channels, watch our demo video:

If you’re with a content publisher, brand or artist, and want to learn how to reach the Tango audience with Channels, fill out our partner form. If you’re a member of Tango, we invite you to check out Channels by downloading the latest version of our app

All the best,

The Tango Team