Announcing Tango’s $25M Global Games Fund for Developers

We launched our game platform in 2013 as a strategic step to bring mobile messaging and gaming together on Tango, giving our members more ways to have fun and engage with their friends. It’s been a big success – with the launch of our “game store” and our SDK with social features like leaderboards, friend lists, gifting, and game invites.

In that process, we've laid a solid foundation for game developers. With today's news, we are building on that foundation by launching a $25 million Global Games Fund. This is a major milestone not only for Tango, but the mobile messaging and gaming industries. No other messaging app has made a financial commitment of this size for game developers.

What is the Tango Global Games Fund?
The Tango Global Games Fund is a $25 million commitment to support game developers that partner with us, and deliver high-quality games to Tango members.

How will the funds be allocated?
We will support developers in a variety of ways; In addition to premier real estate within Tango, top-performing games will also receive promotion through paid marketing on channels outside of Tango. We will also consider investments and acquisitions in game teams on a case-by-case basis.

How will developers benefit?

  • Access to a highly-engaged member base of 200 million registered users: 70 percent of whom play mobile games.
  • Our one-of-kind, global game distribution model: We use our own premium real estate and internal marketing tools like Featured Games, Native Ads, Channels and Chat notifications to promote games in the Tango app. In addition, for the first time, we will also promote top-performing games outside of Tango with paid marketing and user acquisition.
  • Increased Virality, Engagement, and Monetization: Our social SDK is the ultimate tool for developers to increase virality and retention of game players. We provide a set of APIs and social features including leaderboards, Tango friend lists, gifting, game invites, and more. As a result, players connected to Tango have up to 2-3 times the LTV (Life Time Value) compared to non-Tango-connected players for the same game.

What game categories are you interested in?

We will support multiple game categories; contact us to learn more.

I’m a developer; how do I sign up?

Visit the Tango Global Games Fund page to get started!