The Impact of Live-Streaming on Dancing

One of the most popular terms that have been currently absorbed into the social media dictionary is live-streaming. Live-streaming makes social media more interesting because it brings to it a level of realness that pictures and empty writings cannot. It shows real access of social media influencers and their followers alike. It is the prime time for live-streaming and if you miss the boat, you could be missing out on huge traffic numbers and the ability to create a viral buzz.

Tango Live is an interactive video platform of over 350 Million people worldwide, offering live video content and instant communication. It allows you to chat with people around the world and showcase your talents in a new way. This future allows a Tango user to do a live broadcast where viewers can send you gifts, the gifts you receive from your viewers have a value in diamonds that can be redeemed for actual cash. Follow your favorite broadcasters, chat directly, give gifts to show your support and become a VIP to get special status!

There are diverse niches that benefit from the instructions and provisions of the app; some of the niches that popularly make use of Tango to create video contents include, comedians, musicians, and other artists. A new, growing niche that has benefited from live-streaming on Tango is dancing.

As we all know, dancing is one of the most entertaining skills. People never get tired of watching dancers, as there are varieties of dance and dancers bring their styles along with complex creativities. It is not enough for people to watch and adore the steps, some people want to become professional dancers themselves.

Live-streaming in the dance genre is a mutual symbiosis. Both the handlers and the followers earn something. While the handlers earn widespread followership which could enable them to monetize their skills, the followers gain satisfaction and fulfillment after each lesson. With the presence of the live stream option on Tango, stress in attending real-time dance lessons has been taken out. You can learn how to dance salsa, how to waltz, traditional hip-hop or the trendiest steps instantly from your phone. You can equally become a dance coach by taking one of the online lessons without leaving the comfort of your home.

Live-streaming is important for the dance niche because it is growing fast. One of the major reasons that dancers and intending dancers should care about live-streaming is simply due to its huge user base and growing popularity.

On Tango, there is a potential to reach thousands of new fans with the click of a button. Using Tango is a nearly free way to drive tons of revenue for your dance business because when it comes down to it, the video live-streaming market is growing at an alarming rate.

Dance videos are enjoyed and watched by people of all age ranges. People all over the world have access to Tango, so imagine making creative dance videos, you’re sure to catch a lot of attention online!

Dancing is an interactive art, which Live-streaming caters to perfectly, creating active engagement and connection. Unlike television and static video, which provides for a one sided engagement, Tango provides dance instructors and their followers with the ability to interact and engage over live content.  

Live streaming on Tango generates more comments, shares, engagements and viewing time than standard video. You can make things more interesting by adding live webinars, behind scenes videos and lots more!

Every interaction you have with a potential customer counts as part of your overall package. Live streaming can allow you to provide an interactive dance session like no other. You can enable comments in real-time, so anyone manning the computers can instantly see what others are saying. The person in the stream can ask a question and you or your viewers can answer right away. This will create an enhanced sense of community in your live-streams. If people can connect this way, you’re indirectly creating your own community of viewers! Constant followership would cement that community.

Additionally, you can playback any live-stream later on in order to make it into a conventional video again.

Those in the Dance community should take part in frequent live-streaming sessions because dance is a delicate thing. This is similar to those in the fitness world; new steps come up every day and dancers need to upgrade.

Live-streaming on Tango is cost-effective to carry out. All you need is solid, stable internet and a great camera that can shoot in standard quality. Constant creation of videos will help you to build your brand. There is no excuse not to make use of live-streaming on Tango to grow your dance business. Live-streaming is accessible and beneficial to everyone, and it’s time you started using it for your benefit.

So grab your phone or video camera and start experimenting with some short live video streams!

Ilya Stadnik