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A new way to support favorite talents.

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September 23, 2020

We’re happy to announce a new way to engage on Tango Live!

Subscriptions allow viewers to support their favorite Broadcasters in exchange for subscribers-only content, exclusive status and direct access.

Tango Subscriptions allows dedicated fans and followers to support and reward their favorite Broadcasters with guaranteed monthly earnings - opening up a new monetization model for Broadcasters to earn from their content!

Benefits for Subscribers include:

🚩 Stand out with Special status in streams

🚩 Access exclusive Subscribers-only content

🚩 Enjoy 1-on-1 direct communication with Broadcaster

For just $9.99 per Subscription, Broadcasters can provide quality exclusive content while viewers get enhanced communication, access, and content from their favorite content creators.

*Subscribe directly from a Broadcaster’s Profile or Live-Streams.

For Broadcasters, users can Subscribe to you with a Subscription that guarantees you Monthly Salary on top of existing gifts

Benefits for Broadcasters include:

🚩 Manage direct 1-on-1 communication with Subscribers

🚩 Promote content in your exclusive Subscribers-only feed

🚩 Get guaranteed Monthly $$$ in addition to current earnings

Tango is proud to be taking one more step towards providing direct and engaging relationships between people. This new feature allows Tango Broadcasters to monetize their content and connect with fans like never before!

Sahar Raz