Tango Launches Partner Program

Tango, a leading live video broadcasting app, has launched a new Partner Program where partners can earn from the users they bring to the platform.  

The US-based live-streaming platform, where any content creator can share their talents live and monetize their supporters in real-time, has gained popularity around the world with a wide range of digital tools and services for Broadcasters to earn from their social community.

Their new Partner Program is automated, self-serving, and available globally. It allows existing users as well as professional marketers, agents, affiliates, bloggers, influencers, and agencies to earn from every referral they make.

By becoming a Tango Partner, you can continue profiting off every user you bring, as Tango pays 10% of the referred broadcaster’s earnings for a full year.

Partners can easily sign up here (https://tango.me/partners)

About Tango:

We believe that live video streaming is a new and expressive medium for today’s content creators. Our vision is to empower these content creators to monetize their talents and build independent businesses around their social community.

Tango is a live-streaming network where Broadcasters get the tools they need to manage and grow their broadcasting business. Combining the highest-quality video streaming, a live messaging chat and a digital economy to support it all, Tango is the leading platform that allows any content creator to share their talents and monetize their followers and fans.

By offering live user-generated video content and a digital economy to enable instant communication and monetization, Tango allows creators to discover their own community of followers and make a living from their talents – empowering Broadcasters and Creators to build independent businesses around their content.

The app and Web is available globally and in over 8 languages.

Kenny Sandorffy